The Museum of Valence, Art, and Archaeology is situated in the historic centre of old Valence. It offers wide panoramic views on the countryside, from Vercors to the mountains of Ardeche. Officially created in 1850, it has been housed since 1911 in the former Episcopal palace, a vast private mansion with a courtyard and private gardens, which retains many traces of its secular history. Its rich collections of more than 20,000 works offer, in a reinvented itinerary, a wide panorama of the history of mankind and the arts, from regional prehistory to contemporary art. After 30 months of renovation, the museum reopened its doors on 13th December 2013.

How to change the image of an old institution and its perception?

The answer
Pique curiosity. Tease your audience. How can look like a museum not opened yet? Everybody wonders, would like to see the backstage. Just show it.

© Ville de Valence – 2013. Architect: Jean-Paul Philippon. Videos: Imag. Web: Advisa.
Photos: Jean Delmarty, Patrick Gardin