Creative, diplomatic, independent and persistent.
10 years experience in cultural and territorial marketing.
Specialization in digital branding.


After graduating from business school in 2011, I joined the political cabinet of Valence City Council as digital project manager and participated in the development of the territorial and cultural marketing strategy, including research on social media impact on citizens. In 2013, I contributed most notably to the reopening of the Valence Art and Archaeology Museum as well its first temporary exhibition “From Gainsborough to Turner, The Golden Age of English Landscapes and Portraits within the musée du Louvre collections”. In parallel, I became a marketing consultant to help entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. As a Marketing & Audience Developer, I joined Agence France-Muséums in 2015, the French agency created after the intergovernmental agreement between UAE and France, responsible for gathering major French cultural institutions and museums for the sake of developing, enhancing and supporting the creation of Louvre Abu Dhabi. I contributed to the launch of the museum in terms of branding, digital marketing and visitor experience. After the museum opened, I was hired directly by Louvre Abu Dhabi to be the Digital Marketing Unit Head and set up the online experience of the museum: website, social media, CRM, data analysis, online content strategy etc. In 2019, and after 4 years working in Abu Dhabi, I started a new adventure in France for Universcience – organization gathering the two main science museums in Paris : Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in la Villette and Palais de la découverte. As Head of Marketing, I oversee a team of 17 people responsible for visitor studies, sales analysis, strategic and operational marketing.


  • Holiday ever? Philippines. What a feeling!
  • City to love? Milano. Romantic and sophisticated.
  • City to explore? Paris. A never ending discovery.
  • Things to do in weekends? Doing things. See the beauty where it is.
  • Playlist at the moment? I listenin to everything! Really.
  • Movies/Series? All Netflix Originals. Big crush for Rémi Bezançon’s films. « Bad Seeds » and « All Three of Us » by Kheiron.
  • Color? Green, for hope.
  • Season? Spring. Everything comes back to life.
  • Thing in your wardrobe? My white sneakers.
  • Designer? Jean Prouvé who created to help society.
  • Food? I’m addicted to cheese, all good healthy food and pasta.
  • Car? The new Range Rover Evoque.
  • Hashtag? #DidYouKnow and #FunFacts haha.