Web, social media and projects 2.0

Valence is a historic city located in the South of France. Its agglomeration represents more than 180,000 inhabitants. Like many municipalities, the early 2010s represented a challenge: the rise of the web, social networks and digital communication have shaken the relationship between the citizens and their city. How to deal with it?


How public communication can embrace digital?


You have to live with your time. Not with the trends.
Digital communication is moving really fast, you don’t always have to be the first one but you have to follow your citizen’s expectations. Be where they are and embrace those new possibilities. Digital media has given us the possibility to connect with our audience, to interact. Accept the change, adapt your organization and upgrade your tools.

  • Redesign all websites (, and creation of new ones (théâtre de la ville, eau de valence, projet urbain…)
  • Launch of new e-services (report anomalies…)
  • Creation of social media accounts, content strategies and community management process
  • Launch of smartphone app
  • Launch of digital signages around the city
  • Adaptation of campaigns and branding

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