Agence France-Muséums
Created in 2007 following the intergovernmental agreement between Abu Dhabi and France, Agence France-Muséums has been for 10 years a key link between France and the UAE in the accomplishment of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

By gathering for the first time the collections and the expertise of the French cultural institutions involved, AFM has provided since its creation assistance and expertise to the authorities of the United Arab Emirates in the following areas: definition of the scientific and cultural programme, assistance in project management for architecture including museography, signage and multimedia projects, coordination of the loans from French collections and organization of temporary exhibitions, guidance with the creation of a permanent collection, and support with the museum’s policy on visitors.

Missions of the audience development and marketing unit

  1. Define the audience: projection, segmentation, socio-cultural studies, price impact, perception of the project…
  2. Define the offer: Strategies for audience development. Development of offers and services. Pricing policy.
  3. Activate the audience: creation of the brand image. Development of the communication (print, web, social media). Collection and analysis data.
  4. Welcome and boost the visitor experience: training of reception teams, implementation of the  policy accessibility, creation of information and guidance tools…
  5. Ensure sales: establishment of ticketing and sales channels. Sales policy
  6. Generate additional income: management of concessions (restaurant, café, shop …), patronage, privatization of spaces…
  7. Build a loyal audience: loyalty program development, data analysis, evaluation of visits.

Specific challenge
How to present and explain the future visitor experience while the museum is still under construction?

The answer
Change the model. Be innovative. Consider that the visitor experience is a journey, from the first information you receive until your visit. Creation of a interactive platform developed as a website to illustrate the public policies of Louvre Abu Dhabi, its services. Used for the training of agents, it explains visitors’ itineraries and the services offered, visualize the circuit to better prepare the visit experience and create a transversal internal communication tool.

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