It started by a simple idea: make Art accessible to the public. A wish shared by many cultural institution accross the world. As the first museum of its kind in the Arab world, Louvre Abu Dhabi represents a new perspective of art’s universal accessibility and power to move and connect. The museum aims to communicate that art can, and should, be enjoyed and explored by all.

How to surprise your local community and make them want to discover more about you?

The answer
We decided to create interest by offering a sneak peek into all that’s being missed. We wanted to disprove false assumptions about museums, and give everyone a reason to care about, and visit, this 21st century museum. Knowing that more than 12,000 people drive the Dubai-Abu Dhabi E11 highway every day, listening to their radios but without much to look at, we decided to use the highway and the radio to provide a surprising first-look into the museum. But we had to use them in a way that would reflect the nature of Louvre Abu Dhabi: contemporary; creative; a new perspective on art and humanity. We developed the first ever radio-guided ‘Highway Gallery’, or the world-most-innovative museum esplanade. As commuters approached 9-metre-high billboards displaying masterpieces from the museum’s collection, their radios immediately broadcast 30s stories about each artwork, proving just how interesting – and accessible – art really is.

Highway Gallery 2.0
In 2019, we went back on the road with an upgraded version of Highway Gallery. This year, our 3D billboards created the surprise. In addition to their beauty, their stories were told by some influencers voices from the UAE. Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Actor, Chef, Ice-skater, Young inventor and a poet: 7 different personnalities speaking about their experience and their artwork, to invite the public to see through their eyes.

2018 \ Dubai Lynx \ 2 Grand Prix \ Silver
2018 \ Cannes Lions \ Gold \ Silver \ 2 Bronze
2018 \ Loeries \ Grand Prix \ Gold
2018 \ WARC MENA Awards \ Gold
2018 \ LIA \ 2 Silver \ Bronze
2019 \ WARC Media Awards \ Gold
2019 \ Dubai Lynx \ 3 Gold \ 5 Silver \ 6 Bronze

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Creative: TBWA/Raad. Influencers: Bukhash Brothers